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By Jasmine Gutierrez
Staff Reporter

Nova Smith is an 11- year veteran instructor in the Social Science department who teaches sociology and social psychology. 

She describes herself as a "phoenix," one who rises out of the ashes of past drama, failure, and disappointment, and as someone still evolving into the person she desires to be. In life, Smith views change as always present and expressed, "we are a masked confusion of social construction, and how we dictate it says who we are." 

Even with her hectic schedule, she is still managing to go back to school for her doctorate in clinical counseling and supervision at Adler University. 

Where does she find the time to sleep? Smith find it necessary to steal time to rest her body specifically on Saturdays and Sundays.

Smith is a homebody. She enjoys quiet time with her husband. As an introverted couple, the love watching the History Channel, Sci-Fi and having intellectual conversations. 
Her taste in music is more open than others. She listens to a variety of classical, opera, R&B and country.

Over the years, Smith has been invited by Valparaiso University to speak at international literature conferences all over the world. She has presented in California, Canada, New York, and more.

Her most recent travel was to Granada, Spain where she elaborated on Social Construction of Religion and how it maintains schematic narratives.

She has had success with her recent literature piece "Self-Inflicted Wounds," and she plans to lecture at a literature conference in London, England next year.

Even though Smith has proven herself as a modern, hard-working woman, she still finds time to give back to those less fortunate. She has volunteered at the St. Clara's women and children's shelter in Woodlawn for over two years.

From tears to smiles, Smith has grasped a sense of understanding of what some families have encountered and the possible psychological damage caused.
Smith is a firm believer and recites this scripture every morning: "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me," Philippians 4:13.

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