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Get your spook on: performers sing at 'freak show'

Get your spook on: performers sing at 'freak show'

Arts Editor

Goblins, ghouls, and ghosts came together on stage to perform for their peers during the ACE club’s Halloween “Freakshow” late October.

The event presented live student performers from HWC. Most students wrote their own original poetry, acoustic songs, raps, and instrumental concerts, while others sang songs from famous artists.

“It was really fun seeing everyone [perform]. I like it, everyone’s together. They’re wearing costumes. It’s school spirit, man,” said audience member Sophia Perry.

The audience at the event dressed up in Halloween costumes for the fun of the occasion, which was located in the “president’s gallery” on the 11th floor.

Students took advantage of the scene to dress as their favorite TV show characters, sinister and bloody clowns, and even some gorgeous drag queens.

“I think [the event] is really great. It reminds me of the stuff we used to have in the basement [of the college],” Perry said.

Artistic Chicago Entertainers, otherwise known as ACE, is a club for students who dream of someday performing in front of a live audience.

“We provide artists with a platform where they can express themselves and also to develop their talents,” said Club President Logan Lawson-Parks, who donned a pair of Wolverine claws. “By going to these events, [students] actually gain experience and actually perform.”

“You can’t just record, you have to put it in some sort of motion,” Parks added.

The stage was held in the middle of the long room, with audience seats surrounding the right, left, and front of the stage; tables were seated to the far right of the stage where students were able to eat free food provided to them by the hosts.

“As far as I’m concerned,” said performer Summer Cartagena while wearing a white wig and dark green dress, “[ACE] is a performing arts club and focuses a lot on live performances and trying to get people to get used to being in the presence of people.”

Cartagena, like many of the other performers at the event, already felt very comfortable onstage with her Disney-esque singing voice.

“I’m kind of addicted to the stage,” she said. “In high school, I was part of the AUSL honor choir for two years and I joined [ACE] because I missed performing.”

ACE was not the only club present, however. The Fashion and Design club attended the event and applied spooky Halloween makeup and facepaint to students.

“The purpose of mixing ACE with Halloween is that a lot of the clubs wanted to do something for Halloween,” said Parks. “We have a huge event, and if it’s possible to make it Halloween-themed, then everybody can participate.”

To find out more about ACE and how to join, contact their Facebook page at Harold Washington ACE.

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