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OPINION: Break from your phone’s shackles and live

By Lizbeth Perez

By Lizbeth Perez

By Ella Gentz
Opinion Editor

I saw a man almost get hit by a cab the other day while I was walking to school.

The cab was speeding to make a light and the guy was looking down at his phone, of course.

He stopped suddenly at the edge of the sidewalk, dropping his phone into the street, almost falling into traffic. 

What was he doing on his phone that was so important? Was he really looking down at his phone while he was walking during rush hour? 

If I were to guess, he was probably looking at Facebook or something pretty insignificant compared to dying by taxi cab.

We are creatures of habit. Now it seems that everyone is in the habit of looking through their phones out of boredom, or to look busy doing something to avoid awkwardness. 

I say embrace the awkward. Embrace the real. 

Get out of your comfort zones. Delete your Facebook for a while. 

I disabled mine for a whole week because I thought it was a black hole for my time. 

Besides, since finals are coming up I realized I should be putting my time into homework and not into stupid Facebook. 

We’ve all heard stories about people eating at restaurants with their families or friends and everyone is on their phones not engaging in conversations. That’s a sad reality of our times.  

Let’s all delete our Facebook and get back with the real life living. 

Instead of updating your feed, how about updating yourself? Find a cause that you are passionate about and fight for it. 

That’s what we need in crazy times like these. With our political climate we need to not be focusing so much on the superficial world of our phones. We need to be fighting for our justice. 

We need to be striving for a world that we want--one to leave behind for our children. 

Get involved with your community. Don’t let this life pass you by with eyes glued to your smartphone. 

Don’t be like that guy who looked like an idiot falling into the street and oncoming traffic. 

Social media is just a show. It’s all a scam. 

People are more interested in photographing themselves at a show than actually enjoying the show. 

Don’t be that person that is in it for the show of it. Just enjoy life for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment. It’s as simple as that--put down the phone.

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