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Spotlight on Chief Engineer Jeremy Gonzalez

Spotlight on Chief Engineer Jeremy Gonzalez

By Analeza Walker
Staff Reporter

Whenever anyone is in need of any repairs, Jeremy Gonzalez knows exactly what to do.  

As of recently, Gonzalez was promoted to chief engineer. Being at Harold Washington for nine years, Gonzalez has gotten rather comfortable with how things work around the school. 

“I always liked helping people and repairing things,” he said. Since he was younger, he enjoyed being of service to any and everyone he could. When he grew up, he combined his two favorite hobbies to create his dream job. 

While under the apprenticeship of the former chief engineer, Rich Wren, almost a decade ago, he knew that being here is where he wanted to stay. Gonzalez described the apprenticeship to be “very good” and something that he “learned a lot from.”

“As a team, the engineering department is a very vital part of running a school, and we are always implementing new things, especially when it comes to energy saving. We are big on energy saving,” said Gonzalez. 

The focal point of the engineering department is to make sure that the school is running at its best. That means that there is enough air or heat in the classrooms, there are no water leaks from the bathrooms or water fountains, that the elevators and escalators are working at their best and a menagerie of other things, some that the students and faculty might not notice. 

“Some people may call, and that’s OK, but the fastest way to reach me is by email because I’m always checking my email,” said Gonzalez. The engineering department is located on the lower level, but the best way to contact Gonzalez is through email. 

Gonzalez is always ready to help, even with unexpected tasks. “Faculty would notify the engineering department if there’s an issue, and we get right to them,” he said.

Gonzalez was also recognized at the State of the College meeting that took place Feb.13. After being congratulated on his new position, he received a grand round of applause. 

“[He] is already doing a great job,” said Margie Martin, president of Harold Washington College.

“[Harold Washington] is my second home; I love it here. Everyone is so inviting,” said Gonzalez.

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