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Student government holds election for president

Student government holds election for president

By Ebony Ellis
Staff Reporter

Student Government elections were held from March 27 to April 4 and included three presidential candidates, one secretary and one treasurer on the ballot. 

“[T]he polling stations will be located on the first floor near the main entrance,” said Kevin Woo, current SGA president. “The results will be revealed and disclosed April 5.”

Woo was asked what traits he was looking for in the new president.  

“Someone who is aware of the current situation of the CCC state budget,” said Woo. “One who is willing to tackle the issues in front of Board of Trustees; courageous, communicative, and approachable to the general student body.” 

Some of the duties of the new SGA president will include communicating the needs of SGA and its members to the administration of the college, serve as chief spokesperson of SGA, and promote leadership development for SGA, said Woo. 

Samer Hassan, Ali Kleiche and Heller Lopes debated on March 30 issues concerning HWC, specifically the college’s budget freeze. Vanessa De Abreu, who ran for secretary and Walter Monterroso, who ran for treasurer, both were unopposed. 

No candidate for Vice President was announced, but there is a plan of action to address the vacant position.

“There are a couple different options that will be consulted with the election committee, however, we are not quite ready to say what the option will be,” said Angela Guernica, student activities director. 

Guernica’s role in the election was to review candidates packages, logistics for polling stations, and ensure that students abided by the election guidelines.

“We currently have an active and involved group, so with the new group, I hope we continue to be as active,” she said.  

The candidates will require a 10 percent participation rate from the entire student body or else the president of the college will appoint the candidate with the most votes, according to Kevin Woo. 

All elected officials will be in office for one full academic year beginning next Fall. 

There are four basic guidelines that all candidates must abide by: “1) No running mate policy; meaning that candidates should not solicit votes for candidates of other positions and candidates that have to explain other positions’ candidates, they are advised to be fair and objective in describing their accomplishments and goals. 2) No campaigning near polling station meaning that candidates are allowed to campaign and solicit votes except for the first floor, so the second through tenth floors including the basement Student Lounge. 3) No personal device to solicit votes and 4) No slander and libel,” according to the SGA 2017-2018 Election Schedule and Rules

“Any slander that is reported will be verified, discussed with the election committee, and an appropriate response will be decided,” said Guernica. “One of the ultimate consequences is disqualification from the election.”

“My expectations of this election is that it will not be a popularity contest and that they [should] do what is best for the students and not themselves,” said Regina Baker, an HWC student. 

Only 517 of 8523 students voted in last Spring’s election, according to student survey results of the 2016-2017 elections. 

“Any eligible voter is someone with three or more credit hours with HWC as their home campus,” said Guernica.

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