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Students and faculty share their spring break plans

By Bianca Tate
Staff Reporter

College students are usually associated with partying during spring break, but for some Harold Washington College students, it is a rewarding week away from studying.  For many students, it is just a fun time for traveling and spending time with family and friends --for one ultimate goal: relaxation.

“My ideal spring break image is to relax. Everyone needs a break from school and time to relax,” said Heller Lopes, who is currently running for SGA president.  He also plans on decorating his room. 

Another student wants to speak up for human rights.

“I am speaking in an upcoming event on human rights in Middle Eastern countries her role in this project is to make people aware of Freedom of Speech in other countries mainly Egypt where the movie originated from,” said Jasmine T. 

Another student plans to go sightseeing of the city. 

“I am going out exploring at museums and being culturally aware ofmy city, my plans for this break is to go on random adventures,” said Jasmine R. 

But other students plan on going to the warm West Coast. 

“My ideal spring break is to go to California to visit family and said that it’s time to relax from school and homework,” said Jasmine.

Others just want to sit at home and catch up on shows.

“My ideal spring break is to sit at home and being able to watch TV without being bothered,” said Marat.  He also plans on getting ahead of his work before returning to school. “It’s a week to focus on personal life,” he said. 

And most important thinghanging out with family and friends and having fun being young

“My ideal spring break is to hang out with friends and party, and catch up on hours at work,” said David. “ [This] break will give students a reflection of the semester and what their life will be after getting degree,” said David.

Unlike students, HWC faculty have to work from Monday to Wednesday during spring break, leaving them with a shorter four-day break.  Bur even HWC’s President is planning to have some fun in the sun.

“Usually I would stay here and bike because I am a big cyclist, but this year, my in-laws who live in Venice, Florida, invited us down,” said President Margie Martyn.

“What we’re going to do down there is kayak on the intercoastal waterways, [and] you’ll see dolphins and sharks.”

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