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Student Government holds budget report meeting, accounts for last year's spending

By Abigail Trujillo
Staff Reporter

Student Government Association held a budget report meeting to address about the 2016-2017 semesters. 

SGA received a budget freeze this year, which came without warning according to Kevin Woo, SGA president. 

Before the budget freeze, SGA and HWC clubs held 31 events which added up to $20,908.70. So far, for the occurring semester [with the budget freeze], they have had 12 events that added up to $9,094.40 shown on HWC’s SGA Budget Report 2016-2017. 

“No SGA in history was able to spend all of their money from their budget,” said Woo. SGA’s total budget was $162,225.50.

During the budget report, Woo went through club’s expenses, such as the Archery club who spent $4,000 in training expenses, travel expenses that spent $7,000 on leadership conferences and supplies, United Nation Clubs that spent$14,000, STEM club that spent $912, and school events that costed $400 to $500. 

SGA and HWC clubs still have $16,000 for the rest of the semester, but a lot of activates were discouraged according to Woo. There is a lack of communication between SGA and HWC clubs, said Woo during HWC SGA Budget Report.

However, there is a disconnect between local colleges and district, according to Woo as SGA had to wait almost 2 to 3 weeks for an approval of an event.

Clubs submit budget requisitions the same way SGA does. However, Clubs must go through an additional approval process from SGA, and if approved it can go onto college administration and district administration, according to Woo.

Woo feels like there is a general lack of enthusiasm for student rights and student activities.

SGA’s goal is to get an autonomous budget so they can know how much they have available,  they can access it without restrictions, and it will not change “randomly” at the middle of a semester.

SGA members from all seven city colleges have been discussing this goal at Board of Trusteesmeetings, according to a SGA member.

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