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Students and faculty share their Mother’s Day plans

By Angel G. Arriaga
Staff Reporter

In the month of May, students are taking note that Mother’s Day is celebrated during this time. 

In the United States, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated the second Sunday of May. This year, that date is May 14. Depending on your culture, these dates and celebrations may differ slightly. 

In a survey done on campus, Harold Washington students told us if and how they celebrate the holiday. It seemed that most student and some faculty members take part. Below are some of their answers:

“Yes, I do celebrate Mother’s Day. I usually make my mother breakfast and the rest of the family takes care of lunch and dinner,” said Karla Gamino.

“Yes, I celebrate Mother’s Day. We usually all go out and take my mother out to eat and fill the house with flowers and gifts,” said Xochitl Ochoa.

“Yes, I do celebrate Mother’s Day with giving my mother the love she deserves from her son, with flowers and chocolates every year.” said Luis Banales.

“Yes, to show my appreciation for my mother and gratitude for everything she has done for me. Because she is out of state, I send her a card and flowers, and give her a call,” said Courtney G.

“I celebrate Mother’s Day. I would take her to Dylan’s candy store. I would make her day worthwhile because she deserves the day, even though mothers like her deserve a lot more,” said Ricki Ornelas.

“Yes, I make her breakfast and shop with my mom,” said Zachariah Womack.

“Yes, every year my family and I get all the moms in our family together and we celebrate them. The mothers just rest while the dads and kids make a cookout and serve the moms with flowers and drinks,” said Yomira Paucar.

“I do celebrate Mother’s Day because it’s important to appreciate your mom even more than you already should. This year, I’m planning on taking my mom out to dinner and getting her flowers and her favorite chocolates,” said Antonio Diaz.

“Yes, I celebrate Mother’s Day because my mother has done so much for our family of six siblings. It is a day where we show our appreciation to her. I usually celebrate by getting my mom a gift, doing the chores she usually does, and probably taking her out to eat,” said Jonathan Reyes.

“Yes, I do celebrate. I always grew up celebrating it, so it is more custom now. We usually celebrate it by going out to dinner and getting a cake. Sometimes we give my mom extra gifts,” said Veronica Garcia.

Some teachers are in on the celebration of mothers as well. 

Ms. Fregoso, professor of anthropology, tells The Herald that because she is Mexican, Mother’s Day is celebrated twice in the month of May. 

On May, it being Mexican Mother’s Day, Ms. Fregoso gifts her mother flowers. On May 14, she will be attending a Catholic mass, followed by brunch, and ending with presents and family time, she said.

Joseph Hinton, professor of geography, tells The Herald, “Mother’s Day in my family is seen as a chance to get all of the kids in the family together. We generally all converge on my parent’s house in southern Illinois to sit and have a BBQ with mom.”

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